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We make families happy. This is our story and the mission that drives us – together, responsibly and goal-oriented. Here, flexibility and openness are the attributes that make us unique and frontrunner. As a result, the success story of MYTOYS GROUP which began in 1999 continues every day for our more than 7.5 million customers. This is only possible because of people like you, people who are committed to our value-oriented work culture. Wanna make families happy?
Join our #MyTeam and become part of the MYTOYS GROUP!

Our brands

Sitting in the play home, you should definitely throw (soft) balls! At myToys, you can find everything your heart desires - and for every stage of your child's life. From baby equipment to kindergarten and school accessories, clothing and shoes, to toys for any age group - everything can be ordered conveniently at myToys!

With over 2,000 employees throughout Germany, including more than 700 at the headquarter in Berlin, we work together at myToys to make children's dreams come true and to satisfy shopping parents. Thanks to our deep connection with families and our conviction that assuming social responsibility must be a matter of course for companies today, myToys supports many non-profit organizations and projects that work for the well-being of children. In addition, our range of fairly and sustainably produced toys and clothing is constantly growing. And yes - play homes and balls can of course be shopped at myToys!


At mirapodo you will find everything you need to make a confident appearance. In addition to a large selection of bags and backpacks, mirapodo offers you fashionable accessories, clothing of trendy brands and above all: shoes! We are one of the largest online shoe retailers in Germany with an extensive selection that is constantly growing. This way, our shopping professionals make sure that there is something for every style and every budget. Convenient online ordering, fast shipping and great service - that's what makes a shoe!


We are the Group's private shopping community and are based in Munich with a total of 300 colleagues. Our assortment includes non-seasonal products, overhang goods and new special collections in changing sales. Over 17 million women and families are already part of the limango world and the number is growing.

limango was founded in October 2007 by Johannes Ditterich, Martin Oppenrieder and Sven van den Bergh and has been part of the Otto Group for many years. In 2013, we finally became a wholly owned subsidiary of MYTOYS GROUP and have been conquering the family shopping market together ever since.



We love e-commerce. The MYTOYS GROUP, headquartered in Berlin, is part of the Otto Group. With over 2,000 employees and more than 7.5 million customers, we are one of the most successful e-commerce companies in Germany and also represented in numerous retail stores nationwide.
Our multishop and platform concept is based on in-house solutions and proprietary developments in all areas – from IT to procurement, marketing, customer service, and basic business functions. 

How been we’ve making families happy for more than 20 years? Because we listen, we ask and research what moves families: Innovative, analytical, data-driven and technology-oriented. Because one thing unites us all – the passion for e-commerce.

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Our Corporate-DNA

At #MyTeam, we live an open corporate culture based on mutual respect. People from different nations and backgrounds work together at our company. Hence, it is important to us to approach each other as equals – regardless of gender, sexual identity, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, ideology, disability or age.

Diversity and inclusion are thus integral parts of our DNA, and we deliberately give plenty of room for these differences. We cultivate a casual culture, have no dress code and rely on relaxed interaction in a professional setting.
A chat in the hallway, a laugh in between? It’s all part of the job with us!

We think and work in a solution-oriented way and do not lose our sense of humor even in hectic phases. We regularly review what we are doing today and ask what we can do better tomorrow. Only in this way can we find new, implementable ideas and ways to continue to be successful.

Family is the lived value of all the people who give their personal best every day in the MYTOYS GROUP. Our way of working is characterized by team spirit, cohesion, collegiality, respect, mutual appreciation and empathy. These attitudes highlight our employees and shape the way we think, act and work together. It makes us successful and inspires us for our job!

Because only those who live family can make families happy.

No matter what stage of life and work you are in, whether you are a trainee, a young professional or a manager – we have the right benefits for everyone, which make working at MYTOYS GROUP so attractive. Discover our training opportunities, exclusive discounts, company doctor and many other advantages ahead of you!
Flexible working Learning & Development Health offers 30 days vacation & sabbaticals

Corporate Benefits


Common kitchen, beverages & fruits

Bicycle basement & car park

Public transport grant

Rooftop terrace & social spaces

In-house slide

Office dogs welcome

In a dynamic e-commerce environment, we are looking for committed talents who want to shape the future of the MYTOYS GROUP in a sustainable and innovative way. Whether you are an apprentice, starting off your career or a manager – with us you can contribute and develop from day one. Because only together can we reach our goals faster and have more fun at work at the same time.

Pupils: Discover your apprenticeship at the MYTOYS GROUP.

Students: Gain your first experience during an internship or join us as a working student.

Juniors & experienced professionals: Whether as a junior, senior or manager. With us you will find exciting positions with a variety of development opportunities.

Starting off your career with us

From analytics to finance and human resources to our stores – we have a variety of areas and departments where you can get started and contribute to
the MYTOYS GROUP. Internal
development and trainings are also part of our program. This allows you to shape your internal career path and
prosper together with us!

IT, Analytics & Digital Product Management

IT, Analytics & Digital Product Management

Finance, Legal & Business Development

Finance, Legal & Business Development


HR & Corporate Communication

HR & Corporate Communication



myToys Stores

myToys Stores

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Fancy a job in logistics?

Our heart beats for logistics and supply chain. myToys Logistik GmbH, based in Gernsheim, Germany, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MYTOYS GROUP. With
over 75,000 m² of warehouse space and its state-of-the-art technical equipment, the logistics center in Gernsheim is one of the largest and most innovative warehouse locations in Germany. Sounds exciting? For more information, check out our website or apply directly to us.


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